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Style Aromatherapy is a nourishing ode to your personal care.
Amalgamation of three major elements.


Based on dead sea minerals,
essential oils and vitamins.


Natural Anti
ageing technology.


Deals with all types
of scalp issues.

Hemp Series

Hemp Oil is a rich source of Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are vital for maintaining a healthy & balanced scalp & has natural anti-ageing properties.

Our hair is made up of 90% protein; Hemp Oil not only contains 25% protein but also helps create Keratin needed for the initial hair strand growth.

Style Aromatherapy’s Hemp Series is an innovative formula that improve the follicles health & helps create a perfect environment for hair growth. A unique handmade blend of Hemp Oil along with Dead Sea Minerals, Argan Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E for that luscious, shiny and stronger hair.

Happy High for your Hair – High on Moisture, High on Growth, High on Health.

Body Care

A wonderful way to care for your body, Style strives to promote you enduring softness and flexibility while strengthening tissues and keeping the skin silky-smooth. When it comes to Skin, we bring you our unique formulation, which is based on NAA (Natural Anti-Ageing) technology, and enriched with natural Moroccan Argan Oil/Oblepicha Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Borage Seed Oil.

Moroccan Argan

Style’s Moroccan Argan Series is inspired by the salubrious and restorative power of Argan oil, plentiful of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this age-old beauty secret has many benefits. The most prominent use is that it helps to hydrate and soften your hair, face, body and nails.

Intensive Repair 2-In-1

The Intensive Repair series is enriched with ingredients like Dead Sea Minerals and Natural Oils Complex (Borage Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Chamomile Extract, Burdock Oil, Everlasting Oil, Linseed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Olive Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil with Shea Butter & Vitamin E).

Keratin Series

A unique formula which is Salt FREE / SLS & SLES FREE that enhances the lustre of your hair after hair smoothening for a long period of time. Keratin series products are especially recommended to treat the hair after straightening & smoothening. Coupled with the revolutionary patented technology KeravisTM, Keratin series is a renowned blend of Moroccan Argan Oil & other remedial ingredients.




Our skin care formulations are dermatologically tested to be safe.


We are proudly certified to be a Cruelty-free brand by PETA.


We are vocal for local with all our products manufactured & packed in Israel


Simple yet effective products with no unrealistic beauty standards.

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