Intensive Repair 2-in-1 Shampoo

Intensive Repair 2-in-1 Shampoo

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Style Aromatherapy’s Shampoo with innovative naa™ – “natural anti-ageing” and serum boost technology nourishes and moisturizes your hair while leaving it feeling light and refreshed. This revitalizing shampoo provides your hair supreme repair and restoration qualities. 

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  • The inimitable formulation of our Intensive Repair 2-in-1 Series is an ensue of ancient secrets of Dead Sea minerals, natural oils and our innovative Serum Boost technology.
  • Designed to keep your tresses at their brilliant best, the vitamins, natural minerals, and earthy extracts come together to help nourish your hair
  • With its innovative formula, it helps protects your luscious locks against any stressors coming from the environment, thermal, chemical factor
  • The hair fiber is strengthened and becomes more resilient revealing the natural shine of the hair
  • The essential oil helps repairs the brittle, frizzy, and unmanageable hairs and restores the natural texture
  • The blend of naturally occurring amino acids enhances efficacy and the aroma of the series


Style Aromatherapy Intensive Repair 2-In-1 Hair Shampoo

The Shampoo is fortified with natural and organic ingredients that are formulated to keep your hair radiant, strong, and healthy. With Natural Anti-Aging (NAA) and Serum Boost technology, helps to get away with damage, split ends, breakage, and frizz. Upon application, it cleanses the scalp and hair strands thus helps suppleness and making the tresses lightweight and smooth. The hair fiber becomes healthy from tip to root with enhanced elasticity.

    • – It helps acts as a revitalizing and strengthening solution for dry, brittle, and damaged hairs
    • – All the dirt, grist, and impurities get washed away using this shampoo leaving behind a balanced and slightly scented scalp
    • – The natural oils add an enhanced sensorial experience while the Dead Sea minerals provide deep conditioning to hair follicles and shaft
    • – The natural & organic plant-based extracts help in retaining and preserving the moisture within the cuticles
    • – The organic extracts like Aloe Vera along with natural oils such as olive; sweet almond & Borage improvise the hair Condition and nourish the follicles and shaft
    • – Shea Butter along with Vitamin E commingles to create a non-greasy formula that revitalizes hair
    • – Burdock Oil-for extreme repair; Everlasting Oil -for color protection and color enhancement provides intensive nourishment


Key Ingredients:


Burdock Oil

The phytosterols and fatty acids in burdock have a therapeutic impact. It helps in deeply nourishing the scalp and helps relieving it from any itchiness or dandruff

Everlasting Oil

With natural healing and regenerative properties, the everlasting flower oil helps cleans the scalp and the hair root and strands. The hair follicles get stimulate and help reduce itchiness and dryness from the scalp

Dead Sea Minerals

The calcium is one of the main constituents of Dead Sea water, which provides a natural glow to hairs. It helps repairs any damage. It is nutrient-dense and stimulates the hair follicles to bring out a healthy scalp

Sweet Almond Oil

High in Vitamin E, the sweet almond oil allows the moisture-locking in hair follicles. Magnesium, zinc, and calcium are also found in the oil which conditions the scalp and helps removes any flakiness thus improving the texture of the hair

Chamomile Extract

It offers the most organic solution to dry and itchy scalp. The extract helps minimize dandruff and helps in preserving the moisture in roots. It also helps frees any clogged hair follicles by getting rid of any germs or bacteria

Olive Oil

Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, and Squalene in olive oil smoothen the outer cuticle of the hair. It enters inside the hair shaft and penetrates the inner cuticle to preserve moisture within


How to Use:


Step 1

Take a desired amount (depending on the hair length and density) of Style Aromatherapy Intensive Repair 2-in-1 Shampoo in your palm

Step 2

Apply it to wet hair and massage into a rich lather, covering all areas of hair and scalp to cleanse

Step 3

Rinse it off and repeat if necessary


100ml, 250ml, 400ml, 750ml

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  • 4 out of 5

    Kajol daglaik

    I use all organic, whatever StylAroma offers.

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